alpha five seven
The Bowhead alpha five seven is the next evolution in loudspeaker design.
Based on a simple idea that sparked a decade of design and research; the concept that each frequency band should be free to move independently of all others.
The result is a speaker unlike any other before it.
With 9 drivers and 8 independent channels it is quite possibly the most complex speaker ever made, yet each channel has a direct and simple signal path. Each driver is directly coupled to its own amplifier. The analog crossover network is employed before the amplifiers where the signal is easily dissected and noise is easily rejected.
From the analog crossover network to the 9 independent amplifiers every component is operating well below its intended maximum. Even at maximum input levels, the circuitry effortlessly produces a distortion free output.
Simply, the “8-way analog active loudspeaker.”
About Us
The alpha five seven is a product of Inadvance, a small Kitchener based company with a focus on home automation, home theater, and consumer A/V equipment. Inadvance is a manufacturer and installer of custom electronics and automation products.
Steven Hughes - An Electronics Engineering Technologist with a decade of experience in factory automation and power transmission. Steven is a life long audiophile and obsessed with creating the perfect hifi system. He is the primary designer of the alpha five seven speaker system with hundreds of hours of testing and tuning.
Colin Oliver - A software architect with a Computer Engineering Degree from University of Waterloo. Colin is a seasoned systems design engineer with advanced knowledge of several disciplines. Relatively new to high end hifi, but with a strong appreciation for cutting edge consumer electronics.
Jim Hughes - A master wood craftsman and audiophile, with 30 years of experience building and installing custom cabinetry, architectural millwork and furniture. The principle design behind the alpha five seven speaker is a concept Jim drafted almost 15 years ago.
Type: 8-Way Active Full Range Loudspeaker Frequency Response: (+/- 3db) 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz Frequency Response: (+/- 6db) 14 Hz to 22,000 Hz Nominal Input Impedance: 100k ohms Rated Power: 850 Watt Continuous / 1375 Watt Peak Full Range Amplifiers: 7x 150 Watt Class D (0.05% THD) Subwoofer Amplifiers: 2x 250 Watt Class D (0.008% THD) Maximum Acoustic Output: 125dB High Frequency Drivers: 3x 5” Polypropylene Full Range Mid Frequency Drivers: 4x 5” Polypropylene Full Range Low Frequency Drivers: 2x 8” Aluminum Subwoofer Crossover: Proprietary 8 Channel Active Analog Enclosure Material: Bamboo (multi-layered alternating axis) Enclosure Type: Sealed Height: 60 inch 1524 mm Base Width: 20 inch 580 mm Enclosure Width: 8 1/2 inch 216 mm Depth: 18 inch 457 mm Weight: 123 lbs 56 kg Finish: Natural Bamboo (Custom finishes available) MSRP: $14,316.00/each ($28,632.00/pair) CDN
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"...the alpha five seven sounded far better than most similarly priced speakers [at TAVES]. I found it excelled with female vocals. This complex stack of drivers seems to mimic the sound of a single driver!" - Full Article
- Tim Smith,
"[the alpha five seven is] quite an attractive speaker, and gives the impression of being a well-established product rather than a first attempt" - Full Article
- Robert Deutsch,
"Bowhead is a very handsome speaker capable of prodigious levels of clean music" - Full Article
- Rick Becker,
"The system sounded quite good, dynamic and full range with deep bass and good integration throughout the frequency range" - Full Article
- Wayne Butcher,
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Kitchener, ON
Colin Oliver
519 577 2033
Steven Hughes
519 577 2033
If you would like a private demo of the alpha five sevens, they can be heard in one of Mystic Audio's showrooms. Please contact us or Mystic Audio for details.